Gear: Falken Wildpeak AT3W Tires


I actually ordered these back in November along with the Eibach suspension kit. I was planning on purchasing new wheels as well, however after a month of the wheels I wanted being out of stock everywhere I looked, I decided to just throw the Wildpeaks onto the stock wheels.

The New Look

I'm no tire pro, nor do I claim to be. I wanted these installed right and verified by a professional. Many of my friends recommended Marc Younts Tire Pro's over in Evans, GA.

I managed to haggle my way out of work early one day and show up without an appointment. I talked to Marc, the owner, himself and he got me in. The entire process took around 3 hours for all 4 tires and a alignment, their technicians even did a fair bit of trimming to help with rubbing and such as well.

When they rolled it out of the bay and into the parking space, I immediatly questioned if it was even my truck. That's how much of a difference putting these tires on made. These tires look badass and so far I love the performance of them. I think I may be a Falken tire customer for life now.

Full Truck New Tires


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I'm just a guy that likes going on big trips and spending too much money on the truck.
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