Fuel Costs: A Year In Review

This is kinda outside what I normally write about but I am fascinated with numbers and statistics, so I figured providing a round-up review of my fuel costs may shed some light on performance and be helpful to someone. Or perhaps just be a fun thing to talk about.

The Basics

Below are a few screen captures from the app that I use, Fuelio. I use this app to record all my fill-ups and most service fees. Please note that this does not include insurance as a cost.

Please also note that I'm running 33 inch tires, a rack with a RTT (roof top tent), front bumper with winch, and typically weight in at 6900 lbs fully loaded with camping gear (add 190 lbs to include me).

Note: The one Maintenance is a DEF fluid purchase... Oil changes are under Service. 

You can clearly see several out of normal leap in fuel purchases. Let's talk about those for a second.

  • January + February: Normal daily driving to/from work, in and around mileage.
  • March + April: Out of country, work related, no costs incurred.
  • May: Travel from Georgia to Arizona for Overland Expo West 2018
  • June: Normal daily driving to/from work, in and around mileage.
  • July: Some extra weekend trips to North Georgia / Camping
  • August + September + October + November: Normal daily driving to/from work, in and around mileage.
  • December: Drove from Georgia to Arizona to see family + out to Imperial Sand Dunes in California + an additional weekend camping trip back in GA.

That is a lot of mileage put onto the truck the last year! You can see the dramatic increase in costs for cross-country travel. Let's take a look at the overall gas price and MPG for 2018.

Averages First!

  • Average Fill-up: 16.27 gallons
  • Average Fill-up Cost: $46.55
  • Average Cost Per Mile: $0.167
  • Average Daily Cost: $9.84
  • Average Monthly Cost: $299.42
  • Average Mileage Per Day: 58/mi
  • Average Mileage Per Month: 1,674/mi
  • Average Fuel Consumption: 17.18mpg

Other Fuel Consumption Costs!

  • Best Fuel Consumption: 25.21mpg
  • Best Fuel Price: $2.459 per gal
  • Worst Fuel Consumption: 13.38mpg
  • Worst Fuel Price: $3.429 per gal
  • Highest Fill-up Bill: $67.00
  • Lowest Fill-up Bill: 15.50
  • Best Cost Per Mile: $0.098/mi
  • Worst Cost Per Mile: $0.226/mi

Gallons By Month

Here is a list of total fuel consumed each month (in gallons):

  • January: 51.48
  • February: 74.6
  • March: 0.0
  • April: 0.0
  • May: 290.18
  • June: 66.47
  • July: 156.8
  • August: 79.93
  • September: 87.13
  • October: 96.31
  • November: 86.05
  • December: 324.86


I hope that you enjoyed looking at some numbers with me. I always find it interesting to see just where your money goes and how much it costs to do something. Very little do we think of driving around as having a cost other than having to fill up once a week. To say it costs on average $0.167 cents a mile and you drive to work 5 miles away, well that's $1.67 just to drive to and from work every day. Food for thought!

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About Chevy Overlander

I'm just a guy that likes going on big trips and spending too much money on the truck.
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