A New Day, A new Blog

Today I decided to start my own blog. Since I've taken such a large interest in the overland community and enjoy making modifications to the truck, I feel that Instagram alone is not enough to share true experiences, build guides, or detailed route information.

Why a blog? Why not just post onto one of the many forums that are already out there?

Well to me, the answer is simple. Management. Many of my followers on Instagram also drive Colorado's, and while the website is fantastic, I wanted an area to talk about my adventures. It's much easier to advertise one link then scrolling through a forum filled with posts from many other people.... If that makes sense at all.

Anyways, in the new blog we will cover many of my projects, build guides, trail routes, and overall experiences.

So I welcome you to take a seat in the passangers seat, strap in, and enjoy the ride.


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About Chevy Overlander

I'm just a guy that likes going on big trips and spending too much money on the truck.
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