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Mod: 12v Power Box Replacement

If you haven't already read through the Alu-Cab Gen 3 Tent review, this post covers the DiY 12v project box I created to replace the non functional Chineseium power box that came with the Alu-Cab.

Materials Used

Listed below are all the materials I used. I already had the wire left over from another project, so the length I linked is more than you need. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Creating the box

I wanted my outlets to face out, so I chose the long side of the box and marked where I wanted each socket to be. Note: I'm only using one socket currently but I left room for two or three more.

I knew I wanted the power to come from the side so I also marked a spot for the cable to be ran into.

I then drilled the appropriate holes for each.

  • The socket I used a 1 1/8" circular hole saw
  • The side for power I used a 7/8" hole saw

Then I installed the 12v socket, this is as easy as sliding it in and then tightening the end piece on.

I also installed the cable gland joint as well. For this I used the PG13.5 with the larger end facing outwards, but I suppose it doesn't really matter which way you mount it. I also loosened the end of it.

Next, run some cable inside the box. I left a good foot or two of cable in the box so down the road I can easily splice into it when adding another socket. Terminate the ends of the wires as appropriate to how many sockets you are installing, in my case I just crimped the one end with female blade connectors.

The other end of the wire I installed bullet connectors, positive was male, negative was female. Inside the tent you do the opposite, this just makes it easier to identify what is what on the project box, in case you can not see the color of the wires.

Throw it all together and place it inside the tent, connect everything up and give it a spin! You're phone should be quick charging.

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