Mod: Skid Plates

In my opinion one of the most critical mods you should add to your vehicle from stock is protection. Throughout my time browsing the amazing forums, I discovered one of the members Supermodulation, who was one of the only people that were making skid plates for the new body style Colorados/Canyons.

Supermodulation had a pretty stellar reputation on the website. Many people had purchased his product, only advertised from word of mouth on the forums. I messaged him and within a day he got back to me, linked me to his ebay store, and off went my money.

Shipping took around a week from Canada where Supermodulation fabricates these plates and ships them to the buyer. Since I was hoping to get them before my first trip with the truck the next weekend, he even had them rushed to me. Customs as you can imagine was the biggest hold up and I ended up not getting them in time for the trip.

When I did get them they came perfectly packaged. Each plate was wrapped in a foam pad and then boxed up. The plates included all the hardware needed to install them. Honestly they are all bold on and the installation was straight forward. The photo below is the unwrapping on the plates when I got them.


Since installing them, I haven't had any issues at all. Maybe the trans runs a little hot in the peak of the Georgia summers, but nothing that alarms me. They have definitely saved me from a few rocks on the trail and have help up fantastically. Below is a photo of the completed install on the truck.


I'll have to take a more updated photo to show off the battle scars that these plates have obtained the last several months.

Until next time, strap in and enjoy the ride!


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I'm just a guy that likes going on big trips and spending too much money on the truck.
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